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Schipperke Gathering 2005

It will soon be time for the annual Schipperke Gathering at Røndesminde.

The Schipperke Gathering will be held august 27th - 28th, here at the Røndesminde farm.

Saturday there will be an award, The judge will be Freddie Klindrup. Price for participation will be 175 dkr per dog.

In the afternoon there will be coffee table with cake at 25 dkr. Free cake for the kids.

In the evening we will all join together for eating, bring your own meat for the grill, and we will serve saladtable at 45 dkr. Kids less than 12 y.o. 25 dkr.

Sunday morning there will be breakfast with coffee and rolls at 35 dkr. Kids less than 12 y.o. 20 dkr.

Send an email or call us at Ph.: 045 86 36 34 43, to get the invitation, if you would like to sign up for the Schipperke Gathering at Roendesminde.

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