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Schipperke - A bit about the race

Schipperke is a small sheep dog. The name derived from a flemish word >scheperke< = herdsman. It was first mentioned in the Monelus Wencelas Chronicle in the 15th century. In many old, flemish paintings the dog is seen as an integrated part of day to day life in the countryside.

The Schipperke was also found on river barges, and some thinks that's where the name derives from. The small and supple dog kept the ship from rats and mice, and guarded loudly against thiefs and intruders.

In the year 1690, a contest took place, to make the most beautiful collar for the little black dog. And when the belgian Queen Marie-Henriette, in 1885 got herself a Schipperke, the dog gained great popularity.

The lively, curious and attentive follower is patient towards children in the family, and a passionate guard dog, not open to bribary. Those that value a dog barking, and defensive, but not really able to do serious harm to other people, will find a very reliable friend in a Schipperke.

It is an intelligent, and easily trained race, but with temper, and small enough for having in a flat. The dog attaches fully to it's owner, but is appropriately reserved to strangers.

It likes to be around horses, doesn't demand extensive care and is very robust.

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