Kleingaul's Top Hat And Tail

Fødselsdato 1-4-2010 - Date of birth 1-4-2010


Far - Father
Anede's Si Beau
stbnr: NP14419603

Mor - Mother
Kleingaul's Mirage
stbnr: NM92880701

Nanhall's C'est Magique
stbnr: NM70163201

Kleingaul's Keep Her Aned
stbnr: NP04769403

Kleingaul's Total Eclipse
stbnr: NM71236801

Heart-Throbs Whole New World
stbnr: NM50713603

Foxnoir Black Ice
stbnr: NM45146102

Nanhall's Tia Maria II
stbnr: NM28650202

Kleingaul's Dust Buster
stbnr: NM57234701

Kleingaul's Mirage
stbnr: NM92880701

Kleingaul's Eclipse Of The Sun
stbnr: NM61658501

Kleingaul's Summerwind
stbnr: NT566549

Shalako's Bear Cat
stbnr: NS762977

Heart-Throbs Fraulein Maria
stbnr: NT513462

Hanner - Males

Hunner - Females

Hundeminder - Dog Memories

Hunde Til Salg - Dogs for Sale

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